How to add new Cloud Foundry users to an ORG via CF CLI

This tutorial applies to the MindSphere version 3.0. MindSphere operates on top of the Cloud Foundry platform. To deploy “MindSphere native” applications, one needs an access to the Cloud Foundry environment within the MindSphere. Each MindSphere customer, who orders “MindAccess Developer” or “MindAccess Operator” plan, also receives a separate Cloud Foundry org. An org (short from “organization”) is a development environment that an individual or multiple collaborators can own and use. Every application and service within Cloud Foundry is scoped to a space. Each org contains at least one space.

The tutorial explains in a step-by-step mode how to add new users to an org via Cloud Foundry’s command line interface (CLI).

Steps #1-#8 should be performed by the user. Step #9 should be performed by an admin

1. Install Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (CF CLI) software from

2. Open command-shell (on Windows: Start / Execute / cmd)

3. If you are behind a firewall, then set up proxies by entering these two lines (this step is optional):

set http_proxy=YOUR_PROXY_ADDRESS
set https_proxy=YOUR_PROXY_ADDRESS

where YOUR_PROXY_ADDRESS is your proxy’s address. If you are behind Siemens’ corporate firewall, try these setting, they’ve worked pretty well for me:

set http_proxy=
set https_proxy=

4. Enter the following command:

cf login -a -sso

5. Visit to get an One Time Code

6. Login using the WebKey Link below the Cloud Foundry Login Form

7. Type in your MindSphere Credentials

8. Copy the One Time Code and use in the CF CLI (don’t be confused if nothing will appear on screen as you type or paste the code – it is supposed to be this way)

9. Admin should perform:

cf set-org-role EMAIL ORG OrgManager

where EMAIL is user’s email address and ORG is the org’s name. Instead of „OrgManager“ other roles can be assigned.

Here is a PDF version of the tutorial: [PDF] Tutorial – How to add CF users v1.1

Works Council Election 2018

I’ve decided to nominate myself for the Works Council Election of the company Siemens Industry Software GmbH (often abbreviated as SISW or SIS GmbH), where I’m currently employed at and which is a German subsidiary of the company Siemens PLM Software. The reasons for this decision are:

1) To improve communication channels and information exchange among employees as well as between the works council and employees, whom the council represents. This can be done by the regular release of currently discussed questions and periodical reports by the works council. I’ll dedicate some of my effort to create a thriving online community, where employees can exchange ideas and discuss current topics. I’ve already created the group “Siemens Industry Software Germany” (internal link) on the Siemens Social Network (SSN) and encourage every employee to join the group!

2) I suggest that SISW should adopt the 3i reward program of Siemens AG. Many other daughter companies of Siemens AG, like Evosoft or Siemens Healthineers, are participating in the 3i Program. After struggling for months, I discovered that our company has no efficient employee reward system. Often mentioned “Siemens – You Answered” program is in no case a replacement for the proven-to-be-so-effective 3i Program.

3) Believe it or not, but we are still receiving paper-based payslips (“Gehaltsabrechnungen”) sent per snail mail. Unfortunately, some of them have already landed in my neighbor’s hands. Other drawbacks are – they are ecology-unfriendly, cost company more money than digital payslips, can be stolen from the mailbox, and just not up to date. I suggest that we should move to signed PDF files, sent via encrypted emails.

4) To make the introduction of new employees via email an optional, opt-in feature. I find it important to be up to date with newly employed colleagues. But on the other hand, sending out emails to ALL company’s employees might be an exaggeration and will unnecessarily clutter up inboxes of fellow workers. Thus, I suggest implementing a policy to restrict broadcast emailing of new hires and use kind of newsletter, which interested people can subscribe to. Or at least, it should be possible to opt-out from this kind of announcements.

5) To help employees to be heard by company’s management. Especially those initiatives and concerns, which affect many employees. But also individual problems and suggestions are welcome.

As I made this blog post also the landing page for my election campaign, I’m using this chance to introduce myself to the voters, who don’t already know me.

I joined Siemens (again) in June 2017 as Software Consultants and Solution Architect for MindSphere and I’m a part of the Siemens MindSphere sales team. I’m a Winner of the Siemens Masters Scholarship program, which allowed me to successfully accomplish the Master of Science in Computer Engineering studies in Germany. Besides Siemens, I’m a CEO of my own privately held software company, which is called “Freeware Lovers“. I’m a father of four, a son of two and a husband to one. My passions: tech startups, cutting-edge technologies, free and open source movement, making and tinkering. Feel free to discover more and connect with me via linkedin, twitter or youtube channels.

Vote for me and let’s together make our workspace better!