That’s Why a Corporate Job Might Be Not for You

All people are different. Majority of the people would be more than happy to have a well-paid job, lick their manager’s (and manager’s manager, and manager’s manager’s manager…) butt and fake their skills and knowledge to pretend to be something more… But among humans, there are sometimes these kinds of species, who cannot conform to the current status quo. After some time they begin to ask themselves questions like “What the heck am I doing here? Why am I spending my lifetime on that crap? Was I born into this world to do that?”

Here is a test. If you answer positively to most of the questions, then you are in a wrong job.

  1. Your company’s computer is full of pre-installed crapware and spyware, which, according to the company policies, you are not allowed to get rid of. You are not allowed to choose which computer and operating system to use — it is carefully decided for you.
  2. You find yourself to work in a secretive environment, where a lot of stuff happens behind the scenes. It is an exclusive environment, not inclusive. Collaboration and brainstormings are very seldom.
  3. The top management declares very high and right values, but behind the facade, quite the opposite is happening.
  4. Individual initiative and improvement suggestions are often met with irritation and anger and will be ignored in most of the cases.
  5. There are at least 3 individuals in your team or very close to the team, which you don’t like personally and whom you would prefer not to see in your life ever again. They are often liars and upstarts with a very egoistic mindset and no sense of fair play.
  6. Managers have no idea about the domain they are working in.
  7. People with passion are a minority and also struggling like you. You understand each other very well.
  8. Employees are often referenced with the word “resources” rather than “talents”.
  9. You should fight to be allowed to attend a new training or certification.
  10. That what they ask you to do — you don’t like. That what you like and enjoy to do — you are not supposed to do.
  11. You are enforced to spend a lot of time doing useless and stupid things, like writing useless reports, taking part in pointless meetings, frequently tracking hours in a manual and painful way.
  12. Hierarchy is more important than bright ideas.
  13. You feel that you miss on life and your family by working your butt off for a paycheck.

In the end, ask yourself one simple question: “If it were not for money, would I be doing it?” If the answer is “no”, then you know that you are in a wrong place and doing the wrong thing.

Somewhere out there your dream job is waiting for you. Go and chase your dream!

AWSome Day Roadshow 2018 in Munich

Today I’m participating in Amazon’s AWSome Day in Munich. The training starts at 09:00 a.m. and includes AWS Basics like Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS, before the day ends with a session about Serverless and Software development on AWS at 05:00 p.m.

Here is the agenda:

[09:00 – 10:00] REGISTRATION & COFFEE

[10:00 – 10:15] KEYNOTE

Learn about AWS history, why and how AWS Customers adapt the cloud.

[10:15 – 12:30] AWS Basics

This session includes:

AWS Global Infrastructure
AWS Management Console (Online-Demo)
AWS Infrastructure- Part 1

This session includes:

Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Concepts, Instance Familiies and Types, AMI´s, utilization of metadata und userdata
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Basics, Sub nets, Security, VPN
Online Demo: Set up of a VPC and Launch of a web server
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Concepts, Buckets, objects and S3 Simple Lifecycle Management
Amazon S3 Online – Demo

[12:30 – 13:30] LUNCH BREAK

[13:30 – 15:15] AWS Infrastructure – Part 2

This session includes:
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Concepts, Volumes, Snapshots, Performance
Amazon EC2 Instance Store Concepts und differentiation to EBS
Security, Identity und Access Management

AWS Shared Responsibility Model
Security Measures by AWS
AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Concepts, Users, Groups,
Amazon Dynamo DB Concepts
Online Demo: Set up of a RDS Servers and connection to a web application

[15:15 – 15:45] COFFEE BREAK

[15:45 – 16:45] AWS Elasticity & Management Tools

The session includes:

Auto Scaling Concepts, Launch Configurations, Auto Scaling Groups and Scaling Lifecycle
Elastic Load Balancing Concepts, Request Routing and Load Balancer Types
AWS Management Tools, Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Trusted Advisor
Online-Demo: Scaling and Load Balancing of a Web-Application
AWS Serverless Architectures

Amazon API-Gateway and Amazon Lambda programming
Amazon Cloud9 – Development Environment


Docker for Beginners Workshop

This Tuesday was a great rainy day to spend 4 hours at the University of Bayreuth attending the Docker for Beginners workshop organized by Govinda Fichtner of Paessler AG and Bastian Roth of indibit GmbH. The workshop consisted of theoretical (slides) and practical (hands-on CLI orgy) parts. The process was accompanied by tasty family-size pizzas and drinks.

The DevOps Academy certificate:

The content of the workshop:
[placeholder for the content]

“Automation meets Edge” Challenge

Siemens Digital Factory and Siemens Factory Automation business units, together with university and Edge experts of Siemens Corporate Technology are launching a Global University Challenge on the topic „Automation meets Edge”.

It is an online open innovation competition where students from 32 partner universities worldwide are invited to share ideas on industrial app use cases with Edge Computing.

The ideas will be evaluated by Siemens experts online during a timeframe of 5 weeks – from May 2nd until June 5th 2018.

10 winning student teams will receive prize money as well as an invitation to a Hackathon in Nuremberg in October (Siemens takes over all travel & accommodation costs) where the students can prototype their idea on the brand new Edge platform.

Students of the following universities are eligible to participate in the challenge (including Siemens working students and PhD students):

  1. Newcastle University (UK)
  2. University of Manchester (UK)
  3. University of Oxford (UK)
  4. University of Cambridge (UK)
  5. University of Southampton (UK)
  6. TU of Denmark (Denmark)
  7. Tsinghua Beijing (China)
  8. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)
  9. Tongji University (China)
  10. Soochow University (China)
  11. HUST University (China)
  12. TU Munich (Germany)
  13. Ludwig Maximilian University (Germany)
  14. RWTH Aachen (Germany)
  15. TU Berlin (Germany)
  16. FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany)
  17. KIT (Germany)
  18. TU Darmstadt (Germany)
  19. TU Dresden (Germany)
  20. University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)
  21. University of Passau (Germany)
  22. University of Stuttgart (Germany)
  23. TU Budapest (Hungary)
  24. TU Vienna (Austria)
  25. TU Graz (Austria)
  26. JKU Linz (Austria)
  27. ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
  28. Vanderbilt University (USA)
  29. Virginia Tech (USA)
  30. Purdue (USA)
  31. Clemson University (USA)
  32. UCLA (USA)

Siemens is looking forward to great ideas from students on use cases with Edge computing in a production environment!

More information and registration form is available at

Three Bitcoin and Blockchain Courses

Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology. It’s already disrupting the banking and insurance industries and has the potential to revolutionize current political and social systems. It has many implementations and applications, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, Smart Laws, Distributed Apps (DApps) etc. In essence, it’s about removing the trusted authorities and giving power to the peers or people.

I can highly recommend the following three courses, which give a very well structured overview of this technology:

Learning Bitcoin by Tom Geller
Blockchain Basics by Jonathan Reichental
Blockchain Beyond the Basics by Jonathan Reichental

Three IoT-related PTC Courses

PTC offers three nice IoT-related courses via their IoT University website or via Udemy. Each course is about one hour long.

Unpacking the Internet of Things
A Simple Framework for Designing IoT Products
New Business Markets in the Internet of Things

Course instructors: Alyssa Walker, Ayora Berry and Jordan Jay Cox.

Completed 3 Kubernetes and Docker Courses

Containers have a bright future. Some analysts predict that PaaS technologies might be disrupted since containers are a platform on their own. I spent some time and passed 3 Kubernetes and Docker courses, which I can highly recommend:
Learning Kubernetes by Karthik Gaekwad
Kubernetes Native Tools by Karthik Gaekwad
Learning Docker by Arthur Ulfeldt

Works Council Election Result

I’m glad to announce, that according to the works council election result I was elected as one of the eleven works council members for the next four years. A big Thank You to all fellow employees for the strong support and all those who actively participated in the election. If you are a Siemens Industry Software GmbH employee and work in one of the Munich, Nuremberg, Erlangen or Lindau locations of the company, don’t hesitate to contact me for support.

Completed three AWS and Azure online courses

Took a day off from work and successfully completed 3 online courses:

☁ Amazon Web Services: Design and Implement Systems,
☁ Microsoft Azure: Core Functionalities, and
☁ Microsoft Azure: Security Concepts.

I can highly recommend all three courses and their instructors: David Elfassy and Lynn Langit.